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The Griffin and the Phoenix, hello, little ones.  I admit some surprise…Seraph and Seraphim, they were hardly trying to hide anything.  The power of a fallen angel is hardly anything to be messed with, especially when used in creation.   

Well, there’s a guy that sounds like he’ll make sense~ I like guys like ya.

Yeah, I s’pose that’s good but I’d like to know how ya know…us. Who are ya?

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Max did what she normally did after falling out of a tree which was quite the norm now, panicked inside. As calmly as she could she got up an lent against it, hoping no one had seen what happened.

Seraphim frowned slightly when he saw the girl fall. It was partially to try and stop himself from laughing, she looked kinda funny when she fell but he was a bit concerned as well.

"Uh, ya a’right?" He asked, looking at her up and down to make sure she didn’t have injuries.

Six people have entered the shop.

Seraph was working on a crossbow design for a centaur when he heard someone enter the garage. Putting the weapon away while looking up at the approaching person, he asked, “Y’here for something or placin’ an order?”


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((I… have no idea how to RP with you. I’d welcome ideas! In the meantime…. Have a mun factoid!))

//I love the Phoenix. It is my favorite myth, going back all the way to the Egyptian Benu and the Persian Simurgh. In my head it always looks more like a peacock with golden and red feathers//

—I joined about a half-hour ago, lol, so I’m still trying to figure how I should write my own starters. My only idea is that word about them making magical weapons and stuff is getting out and SHIELD investigates…? I dunno. 

And my friends thought I was the only one who imagined phoenixes that way…—

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